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Becky White


I'm Becky, I was diagnosed with RRMS in December 2014 and my MS became very aggressive in 2016 and it was suspected to have transitioned to SPMS. I began fundraising for HSCT in Mexico or Moscow and started researching HSCT.
After many difficulties with my local neurologist, I transferred my neurological care to London, I was referred to the multi disciplinary team meeting (MDT) in May 2017, I was turned down but continued to push and was accepted for HSCT at Hammersmith Hospital in July 2017. I started HSCT in February 2018 and was home in April, I am feeling great.
My most recent MRI scan shows no further progression of MS and many existing lesions have disappeared. My EDSS was 6 and is now 1.
I received so much support, advice and guidance from forums and became a trustee of this charity in the hope that I can help others with this difficult journey.

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