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HSCT Case Studies (Patient Testimonials)

AIMS spoke with people from all over the world who have received HSCT. Many of these people had to travel overseas for treatment, because they couldn’t access treatment at home. This video contains the experiences of people both with RRMS and Progressive forms of the disease - in every instance, their progression has been halted and their MS is now in remission.

Many of the people in these videos have experienced symptomatic improvements but this can vary and is not guaranteed. Any symptomatic improvements are a bonus - the aim of HSCT is to halt further progression which is what it does in the overwhelming majority.


Please share this video and help us to make the unseen seen. HSCT for Auto Immune and Multiple Sclerosis

In order to compile this video, we collected a number of 30 second patient testimonial videos.  You can see all the videos on our YouTube Channel here:  HSCT Case Study Playlist (opens in a new window).

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