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HSCT for Multiple Sclerosis FAQ

The AIMS definitive guide to HSCT for MS. All your frequently asked questions answered about HSCT, AHSCT and how it relates to Multiple Sclerosis. Covering: what the HSCT treatment involves, the pros/cons and risks, the eligibility criteria for HSCT on the NHS, plus other non NHS options for HSCT and much more

Download our FAQ PDF guide. It covers: –

  • What is HSCT for MS (Multiple Sclerosis)?

  • How does HSCT work?

  • Can HSCT cure MS?

  • What are the benefits of HSCT?

  • How many times do I need to have HSCT?

  • Is HSCT a good treatment for Multiple Sclerosis?

  • What is the difference between AHSCT and HSCT?

  • What is the Difference between Myeloablative and Non-Myeloablative HSCT?

  • Can I get HSCT on the NHS?

  • What are the criteria for HSCT on the NHS?

  • Are there any reasons I wouldn’t get HSCT on the NHS?

  • What is the difference between an Active Lesion and a T2 Lesion?

  • What does EDSS mean?

  • Where else can I get HSCT?

  • How much does HSCT cost privately / internationally?

  • But I’ve seen a Stem Cell Therapy being offered for a LOT less than that!

  • My Neurologist says that HSCT is very dangerous, with a high mortality rate – is this true?

  • My Neurologist says HSCT is only for people with RRMS, but I have PPMS / SPMS / RPMS - does this mean I’m not suitable?

  • I’m in a wheelchair – will HSCT allow me to walk again?

  • I’ve had MS for over 20 years – is it too late for me to have HSCT?

  • Will HSCT help my other MS Symptoms?

  • Will I lose my fertility / risk secondary cancers from HSCT?

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