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   AIMS Guide to Applying for a Travel Grant


At AIMS we fully understand the stress and anxiety involved in raising funds for your HSCT treatment, and while we can award grants to support travel expenses, we cannot offer financial support for the treatment itself. It is important that you do not base your decision to undertake HSCT on the possibility that you may receive a grant for travel expenses - grants cannot be guaranteed.


In order to qualify for a travel grant from AIMS, there are certain criteria that you must meet, and three parts to the process.


Stage 1 Eligibility:


1. I have a confirmed date for my HSCT treatment in UK or Mexico (we have currently suspended grants for Russia due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine) at an AIMS supported centre

2. I am a UK resident 

3. I have the full funds secured for my treatment (where applicable)


If you pass the stage one eligibility, we will move you to stage 2


Stage 2 Eligibility:


1. I have receipts or estimates for my travel costs 

2. I know how much I want to request from AIMS as a travel grant and understand that the maximum award is £800 but subject to providing receipts that meet or exceed that figure. 

3. I  understand that AIMS only awards grants towards the cost of one economy return flight plus transport to/from the airport for the patient or two round trips to a UK HSCT facility, and will check the cost of comparable economy flights, trains, taxis and other transport costs during the decision making process


Stage 3 Eligibility:


If you are successful at round two, AIMS will make a provisional award which will be sent to you when all of the following criteria have been met:


1. Your treatment has completed

2. You have provided us with payment details 

3. You have provided us with all receipts 

4. You have completed the form confirming acceptance of the award

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