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Organising a fundraising event

Tackling the Issue

It’s great news that you’re thinking about fundraising for AIMS. As a smaller charity we rely on people like you to help us raise the money we need to help support UK residents with Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Disease access HSCT treatment.


But where should you start? The AIMS fundraising team have put together some advice and resources to help you choose how to fundraise and make your event a success.


Fundraising Ideas

With so many ways to raise money for charities it can be difficult to know where to start. Some of the ideas you may like to consider are:

Taking Part in a Pre-organised Event

This could be something like a local 5K, a Tough Mudder or even the London Marathon. All you need to do is register to take part and then set about raising money. One of the easiest ways to do this is by setting up a Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving page.  If you need some inspiration - why not take a look at our JustGiving Fundraiser Leaderboard 







And if you’re ready for a big challenge, why not apply for a chance to run the London Marathon for AIMS.

Organise Your Own Event

From auctions to afternoon tea, there are loads of ways that you can raise money for AIMS. So, whether you’d like to spend an evening wine testing or whether you’d rather give up alcohol for a month there’s bound to be something you can do to help us continue our work.

We’ve put together this A-Z of fundraising ideas to help you get started, but whatever you do there are somethings to keep in mind.

Spread the Word

However you’re raising money you’ll need to make sure people know what you're up to. Think about using some or all these ways to shout about your fundraising activity.

Word of Mouth
Make sure all your family, friends and work colleagues know all about what you are doing. Get them to pass on the news!

Social Media
Ensure you post on Facebook and Twitter to give your event the maximum amount of exposure. Link to your JustGiving page on social media to boost donations. Provide regular updates so it stays fresh in peoples’ minds.

Posters and Flyers
Relatively cheap but effective publicity. Display them in local shop windows, supermarkets and village halls.

Local Radio and Press
Local media are always interested in fundraisers. Draft a press release and send it to the local newspapers and radio stations.

Raise Support & Awareness with Local Companies
This could be for donating a cake for a cake sale, providing a venue free of charge or donating a prize for a raffle / auction.

Keep it Legal

There are a few things that you’ll need to consider depending on how you choose to raise funds. These could be:

  • Raffles & Collections
    Make sure you’re covered, as there are laws governing all charity fundraising activity. Raffles as part of a larger event do not require a licence if you are selling tickets and handing out prizes on the night. Please visit for the latest rules and regulations.

  • Health & Safety
    Ensure you adhere to the health and safety guidelines relating to the venue of your event. You need to make sure your event has the necessary first aid cover. Consider if a first aid box is sufficient or do you need a qualified first aider in attendance. If so, St Johns ambulance may be able to help.

  • Food & Drink
    All food must be stored, handled and cooked correctly and safely following hygiene rules. Check the regulations around serving food at an event at Don’t forget that all foods containing nuts, gluten, eggs or other comment ingredients people may be allergic to, must be clearly labelled. If the venue you are using isn’t licensed to sell alcohol, you will need to apply to your local authority to obtain your own licence.

  • Venue
    You must not exceed the capacity limit for your chosen venue, but ensure there is good access. Check there is ample parking, toilet facilities and disabled access. Make sure the venue has an up to date public liability insurance policy.


If you want more advice and support, please email us at

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