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6 years, over 100 delicious recipes, 36,000 words, 203,500 characters, and too many proofreads to count, Alison’s book is now available to pre-order and should be ready to ship at the end of April!


A percentage of all profits will go to AIMS.


The Neutropenic Cookbook was a labour of love designed to help others on the HSCT journey. Following HSCT, the patient has a weakened immune system and so it is advisable to follow a neutropenic diet for six months. Unable to find a recipe book that appealed when her husband James had HSCT, Alison wrote her own book of family recipes that met the requirements of a neutropenic diet. The book also includes detailed explanations of autoimmune diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, and HSCT. This book will be very useful to anyone who has recently undergone chemotherapy, but is ultimately a collection of delicious, comforting recipes from macaroni cheese to duck a l’orange.

The Neutropenic Cookbook