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Our Two Newest Trustees, Catherine and Samantha, Talk About the AIMS 5th Birthday Summit

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Catherine and Samantha will be at the AIMS Summit and you can be too! Click the button below to buy your tickets to be at this first-of-it’s-kind patient event:

Catherine: I can’t wait for the incredible opportunity the Summit will give, to listen to some of the leading experts in the MS world, sharing all of their years of research on the life changing results HSCT can bring.

Having recently been diagnosed with aggressive MS myself, my life was turned upside down. AIMS provided me with vital support and also info about the Star MS trial. This support gave me hope. So a natural next step for me was to become a trustee to give back to the charity and give others hope.

Events like these are important, not just for knowledge sharing but for community building.

Two close friends of mine have MS. During my time working in the biotechnology sector, I realised how under-served their needs were through the current conventional approaches.



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