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Preeti Jaswal


I was diagnosed with highly active remitting and relapsing MS with symptoms that had started to affect my mobility. From symptoms (Jan, 2018) to diagnosis (April 2018) to treatment (August,2018), all happened within the same year! However, I was fortunate to learn about HSCT (Hematopoetic stem cell transplant with chemotherapy) following a phase of in depth research and was consequently lucky to get a very timely treatment in Mexico.
As a primary school teacher with a demanding job, household duties with three children, a husband and parents in law, life had been very hectic. I was finding a simple short walk so tiring and draining with many other symptoms that had begun to restrict my ability to walk effectively as well as fluidly, which most of us take for granted. It’s after that life changing treatment that it brought hope for my future. I have been very fortunate to see that my MRI has shown no further progression and some of the lesions have even shrunk down.
I now want to make that difference for others and in particular spread the awareness of HSCT in the South Asian community where many people are not even aware of this treatment.
AIMS has given me that platform to share my experience and reach out to others who are in desperate need.

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