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Philippa Charman


Hi, I am Philippa, I was diagnosed with MS in 1999, and was lucky that it did not cause me many
issues for a considerable time. I continued to pursue my career as a finance director, commuting to
London from Sussex.
A while after redundancy, when my symptoms had progressed, I learnt about HSCT.
It soon became clear that as such an old timer, I would never qualify under the NHS. With the
unbelievable support of my friends, family and even strangers I raised the money needed and had
treatment in Moscow in February 2019.
Now I feel like I have my life back, without further progression, and so many symptoms
disappearing. I am ready to take on the world, without apology.
I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. My only wish that I had known about HSCT
earlier in my diagnosis.