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A picture of the team member

Damien Scott


Damien was an avid gym goer, and first noticed his balance was not quite right whilst running on the treadmill, literally bouncing off the rails and feeling very unsteady.
In October 2004 at the age of 35, after an MRI scan and VEP test, he was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. His neurologist told him there was nothing they could do and his MS would continue
to attack his CNS and he would deteriorate. He was devastated. Broken. Remember that feeling?
Contrary to what he had been told by his neurologist and with a few blips along the way, his MS has
been quite kind to him, his EDSS is about 3 and he continues to live a full life and works full time.
Despite his relatively low EDSS, when he heard about HSCT and did 2 years of research and followed
other patients through their treatment, he knew HSCT was for him. It was time to kill the MonSter.
In March 2018 Damien went to Moscow and received HSCT to halt his MS progression. So far so
good! Time will tell, but something has definitely changed within him.
There is a wealth of HSCT experience within AIMS Charity, and our goal is to help people with
autoimmune disorders to receive this life changing treatment.

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