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Adrian Berkeley

Honorary Councel

I qualified as a Solicitor. Following disability discrimination, I started my own Practice in 1996 in Droylsden, East Manchester.

I retired due primarily to failing health in 2015. Now I run a Legal Advice Charity similar to the CAB.

I have avoided all DMDs or expensive therapies.

I have had great success with the Vit D Protocol-officially putting my MS into remission in 2016. And have improved my mobility greatly with Taopatch.

When I look back on my so-called healthy friends-too many of which are no longer with us-I realise we all have our hardships. I feel I am still around to help relieve other’s hardships however I can.

I live by myself having had two long marriages and three children.

I don’t believe there is a single MS symptom that I haven’t had to overcome. But I'm blessed-I ONLY have MS!!!

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