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Dominic Shadbolt

But MS Won't Kill You...

Dominic Shadbolt

At the behest of a well-known neurologist he started a YouTube channel called in 2021.This is a patient-to-patient resource that has been extraordinarily successful and several of the speakers and panellists have been guests on the channel!

As well as being an older YouTuber (much to the amusement of his 21y old daughter) Dominic has a personal interest in the use of technology in MS and has recently been appointed as the PPIE lead on a pivotal study using AI to assist in the analysis of MRI imaging.

Dominic's main driver is in helping people with MS get access to the most effective therapies as soon as possible and trying to banish the therapeutic inertia that leads to MS not being taken seriously until irreparable damage has been done to a patient.

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