• Laura Robb

MS sucks HSCT rules!!

My sincere hope that HSCT becomes available as a first line treatment in the U.K. on NHS and people do not have to wait till at least two failed treatment to be able to even get considered for it.

Didn’t realise a small effort will get picked up by BBC. I hope it can reach people who are in desperate need. Xx

I want to specially mention my walking and running buddy Gee Nana Patel for showing a big support for me by running along side for AIMS (The charity that supports MS sufferers with signposting and grants to seek HSCT).

Thank you so much to those who supported me, my neighbours, friends and of course my wonderful family with your kind words, generous donations, and friends who cheered for us along the way. If you would still like to donate, please follow the following link...

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