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26 Pounds and 20 Pence

Donating in a foreign currency can be a tad daunting, I understand any feelings of unease. But in reality, it’s quite simple! Virgin Giving makes it really easy and this is a perfect time for my friends and family to make a donation to AIMS Charity.

In 26 days, I will be traveling to Chicago and two days later, I will be toeing the Chicago Marathon for the second time. There is something cathartic about going back to the city that gave me my life back. With the Chicago Marathon fast approaching, I am hoping I can get 26 of my friends, and maybe 2 more bonus friends if I’m lucky, to donate a pound a mile to benefit AIMS Charity and my aim to run the 2020 London Marathon as I run the Chicago Marathon 2019.

Thank you for all your continued support!



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