Committed to the Cause

Paddy McCormack


Paddy’s interest in MS and HSCT stems from his day job. Paddy works as an estate agent, and on one of the luckiest days of his life he sold a property to a young lady who has MS. 

James Coates


I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. Initially, I was able to carry on as normal. However, the progression of my MS seemed to accelerate in 2015, transitioning to SPMS, which prompted me to seek treatment.

Alison Coates


Alison is an experienced business development adviser and trainer, with a background in speech and drama.

Becky White


I was diagnosed with RRMS in December 2014. My MS became very aggressive in 2016 and it was suspected to have transitioned to SPMS.

Laura Robb


I was diagnosed in 2016 with  aggressive RRMS.  I went to Russia for HSCT in 2019 after quick progression to SPMS

Philippa Charman


I was diagnosed with MS in 1999. I had
treatment in Moscow in February 2019. My only wish that I had known about HSCT
earlier in my diagnosis.

Preeti Jaswal


I was diagnosed with highly active remitting and relapsing MS with symptoms that had started to affect my mobility. From symptoms (Jan, 2018) to diagnosis (April 2018) to treatment (August,2018), all happened within the same year!

Damien Scott


In March 2018 Damien went to Moscow and received HSCT to halt his MS progression. So far so
good! Time will tell, but something has definitely changed within him.

Ann Wilson


Ann Wilson BSc (Hons) Health Studies


Ann was diagnosed in 1997 with RRMS. She had HSCT in Russia in October 2018.

Janet Voyce


A sudden major relapse and completely unexpected diagnosis of RRMS in June 2015 turned her life upside down.  A fast and aggressive progression meant that by the time she underwent HSCT in Moscow in July 2017, she had an EDSS score of 6.5 and was confirmed to have SPMS.

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