Committed to the Cause

Paddy McCormack


Paddy’s interest in MS and HSCT stems from his day job. Paddy work as an estate agent, and on one of the luckiest days of his life he sold a property to a young lady who has MS. 

James Coates


I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. Initially, I was able to carry on as normal. However, the progression of my MS seemed to accelerate in 2015, transitioning to SPMS, which prompted me to seek treatment.

Alison Coates


Alison is an experienced business development adviser and trainer, with a background in speech and drama.

Mark Rye


Much like Becky, Mark was fortunate enough to have qualified for HSCT under the UK NHS criteria in 2016 and had the procedure carried out in Hammersmith, London.

Becky White


Becky was diagnosed with RRMS in December 2014 and my MS became very aggressive in 2016 and it was suspected to have transitioned to SPMS.

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